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    SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell

    Good quality SMT Spare Parts for sales
    Good quality SMT Spare Parts for sales
    Thank you very much for your comments and prices. My client is very pleased with this order!

    —— Zoltan Sabo

    Thanks for your very competitive price and very fast delivery

    —— Mark Zavr

    we received everything, thank you very much for the really good service!!!

    —— Christian

    Parts arrived safely. The parts are now being used OK. We will be requiring more later. Thanks

    —— Steve

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    SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell

    China彩乐乐彩票网机先号码 SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell supplier
    SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell supplier SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell supplier SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell supplier SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell supplier

    Large Image :  SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell

    Product Details:

    Brand Name: DEK
    Model Number: SQA303

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: CARTON
    Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 1000PCS/YEAR
    Contact Now
    Detailed Product Description
    PROPERTY: Original New WEIGHT: 0.5Kg
    Brand: DEK Material: Metal
    Lead Time: In Stock Packing: Carton

    SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell



    Description: DEK Squeegee Set Assembley
    Part No: SQA303
    Condition: original new  
    Applicable models: DEK
    Product Tags: SQA303
    Payment Term: T/T, Paypal, Westernunion are all allowed.
    Lead time: in stock!



    We also can supply you DEK Metal Squeegee Blade, MPM Board Clamp, and other Printer Metal Squeegee Blade, Rubber Sueegee Blade.

    DEK squeegee blades--PumpPrint Squeegees  
    SQA456 - SQY ASSY (200mm)  
    SQA457 - SQY ASSY (250mm)  
    SQA458 - SQY ASSY (300mm)  
    SQA459 - SQY ASSY (350mm)  
    SQA460 - SQY ASSY (400mm)  
    SQA461 - SQY ASSY (440mm)  
    SQA462 - SQY ASSY (483mm)  
    SQA463 - SQY ASSY (510mm)  
    SQA464 - SQY ASSY (535mm)  
    SQA477 - SQY ASSY (610mm)  
    DEK squeegee blades--45° Squeegees DEK squeegee blades--45°Replacement Squeegee Blades
    SQA350 - SQY ASSY (45° x 170mm) 133601 - BLADE SQY (45° x 170mm)
    SQA351 - SQY ASSY (45° x 200mm) 133602 - BLADE SQY (45° x 200mm)
    SQA352 - SQY ASSY (45° x 250mm) 133603 - BLADE SQY (45° x 250mm)
    SQA353 - SQY ASSY (45° x 300mm) 133604 - BLADE SQY (45° x 300mm)
    SQA354 - SQY ASSY (45° x 350mm) 133605 - BLADE SQY (45° x 350mm)
    SQA355 - SQY ASSY (45° x 400mm) 133606 - BLADE SQY (45° x 400mm)
    SQA356 - SQY ASSY (45° x 440mm) 133607 - BLADE SQY (45° x 440mm)
    SQA357 - SQY ASSY (45° x 483mm) 133608 - BLADE SQY (45° x 483mm)
    SQA358 - SQY ASSY (45° x 510mm) 133609 - BLADE SQY (45° x 500mm)
    SQA359 - SQY ASSY (45° x 535mm) 133610 - BLADE SQY (45° x 535mm)
    SQA486 - SQY ASSY (45° x 580mm)  
    SQA480 - SQY ASSY (45° x 610mm)  
    DEK squeegee blades--60°Squeegees 6mm Overhang DEK squeegee blades--60°Squeegees 15mm Overhang
    SQA310 - SQY ASSY (60° x 170mm) SQA300 - SQY ASSY (60° x 170mm)
    SQA311 - SQY ASSY (60° x 200mm) SQA301 - SQY ASSY (60° x 200mm)
    SQA312 - SQY ASSY (60° x 250mm) SQA302 - SQY ASSY (60° x 250mm)
    SQA313 - SQY ASSY (60° x 300mm) SQA303 - SQY ASSY (60° x 300mm)
    SQA314 - SQY ASSY (60° x 350mm) SQA304 - SQY ASSY (60° x 350mm)
    SQA315 - SQY ASSY (60° x 400mm) SQA305 - SQY ASSY (60° x 400mm)
    SQA316 - SQY ASSY (60° x 440mm) SQA306 - SQY ASSY (60° x 440mm)
    SQA317 - SQY ASSY (60° x 483mm) SQA307 - SQY ASSY (60° x 483mm)
    SQA318 - SQY ASSY (60° x 510mm) SQA308 - SQY ASSY (60° x 510mm)
    SQA319 - SQY ASSY (60° x 535mm) SQA309 - SQY ASSY (60° x 535mm)
    SQA490 - SQY ASSY (60° x 580mm) SQA489* - SQY ASSY (60° x 580mm)
    SQA479 - SQY ASSY (60° x 610mm) SQA478 - SQY ASSY (60° x 610mm)
    60°Replacement Squeegee Blades  
    129924 - BLADE SQY (60° x 170mm)  
    129925 - BLADE SQY (60° x 200mm)  
    133584 - BLADE SQY (60° x 250mm)  
    133585 - BLADE SQY (60° x 300mm)  
    129926 - BLADE SQY (60° x 350mm)  
    133586 - BLADE SQY (60° x 400mm)  
    129927 - BLADE SQY (60° x 440mm)  
    133587 - BLADE SQY (60° x 483mm)  
    133588 - BLADE SQY (60° x 510mm)  
    129928 - BLADE SQY (60° x 535mm)  


    SMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sellSMT DEK Squeegee SQA303 SQY ASSY 60deg*300mm Original new to sell

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    Contact Person: tomas

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